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"Yaguar", Meaning "
Who Kills In One Jump"

People often confused with
Jaguar and Leopard. The main difference lies in the middle of the marking of the jaguars' strips because unlike the leopard, the jaguar has spots in its strips! The jaguar is also a much stronger animal than its leopard cousin. The name Jaguar comes from the Indian word "yaguar", which means "who kills in one jump".

They are the third-largest cat after the tiger and lion and the largest in America. The jaguar, like the Tiger, is not afraid of water and enters watercourses relatively easily. Unfortunately, the jaguar is an almost endangered species and its number is declining rapidly. This cat is in danger of facing habitat loss and fragmentation. Trade-in jaguars or their body parts is banned, and jaguars are still often killed by humans, especially in conflicts with farmers and farmers in South America. Although it is declining on a daily basis, its range is still relatively large. Due to the large historical distribution, the Jaguar has appeared in many indigenous cultures, even those that have largely disappeared, such as the Aztecs and the Maya.

There is disturbing new evidence that drug traffickers and drug producers are killing Jaguars that they find in their areas, These magnificent cats are attracting tourists and conservation people and organizations to the area that they frequent and this is bringing unwanted attention to areas that the drug traffickers would rather not have any attention brought to.

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