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Proteus - International Station
Underwater May Soon Be a Reality

Aquanaut, oceanographic explorer, conservationist and documentary filmmaker Fabien Cousteau lives on the principle that "nothing is impossible!" For years, Fabien had dreamed of building a modern underwater habitat; an "international space station" underwater. His dream and determination to make it a reality were strengthened after Fabien and his crew spent 31 days living and working in the last habitable underwater facility, Aquarius, who is now over 30 years old. 

In June 2014, Fabien Cousteau and his paddling team participated in Mission 31, the longest scientific expedition to be held at Aquarius, the only underwater marine laboratory in the world located 9 kilometers from the Florida Keys and 63 meters below sea level. Fabien's Epic Mission 31 exhibits brought new experiences in ocean exploration and honored the 50th anniversary of his grandfather, Jacques-Yves Cousteau's original experiment, an original 30-day underwater experiment called Conshelf Two. 

Most importantly, Mission 31 gave birth to the idea of ​​the Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center. The proven success and global impact of the mission 31 confirmed the need for the FCOLC to establish programs designed to inspire and empower individuals to rebuild and protect the ocean in their own backyard, thus ensuring the health of our vast waters around the world.The aim of the underwater research station is to offer scientists and academics the necessary state-of-the-art research laboratory and platform that leads to devastating scientific breakthroughs in areas such as medicine, genetics, sustainable energy, and food cultivation. 

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