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Hublot with a novelty
„Art Fusion“

's development does not stop, on the contrary, it comes with news, one such innovation is "Art Fusion". In collaboration with Fiat heir, style icon and businessman Lap Elkann and his Garage Italia, a place in Milan where the automotive world meets the world of fashion and This is not the first time they have collaborated, as Elkann is also involved in the creation of the classic Classic Fusion Italia Independent, along with the best Rubinacci tailors, as well as a charismatic classic fusion chronograph for his own brand. Millennial Pink, which is created as a gender-neutral watch. 

It is something that can be said about watches, on which almost everything is pink, which is a color in most cultures associated with women. Elkann talks about it; "At Garage Italia, we want to be part of a world where each person's character is defined by their love of life and inclusiveness rather than by the strength of their superiority." Perceiving the color of this Big Bang is part of this. apricots or grapefruits, and with this Hublot, Elkann and his Garage Italia are trying to break the gender barrier. 

Creating a Big Bang in this color is not an easy task in itself. Hublot used his significant expertise and applied the paint to a process called anodizing on an aluminum case. This not only colors the case but also protects it. Thanks to its lightweight base material, Hublot kept the weight of this 42 mm watch low, allowing everyone to wear it comfortably, regardless of their wrist size. The Big Bang Millennial Pink drive is powered by a Hublot HUB1280 production densitometer and comes with two straps. One of them is a rubber strap in the millennium pink color, while the other is made of a combination of velcro and PES knit. Switching between them or another strap from the Hublot collection is a breeze thanks to the patented One-Click system. Hublot will produce only 200 pieces of Big Bang Millennial Pink, which will be available at their boutiques and selected retailers.
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