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A Gramophone That Combined
Engineering, Design and Sound

Edison invented the phonograph in 1877, nine years after Patek Philippe created his first wristwatch. And while every turntable will play a record for you, just like any watch, time will tell, the difference between functional and truly fantastic is huge for both. As with buying a watch, you can now spend as much money on a sound component as a modern supersport. Thanks to precise machines of thorough processing, from the following tables, the simple playback of vinyl will turn into something amazing. 

From the Galmann rotary table in Denmark, up to four tonearms are placed on the Galder air plate and its plate is floated on an air cushion to reduce friction and eliminate noise. Vacuum holding keeps the LP in close contact with a 26-pound aluminum plate or an optional 88-pound copper version; a separate motor base and belt drive achieve maximum isolation from external vibrations. The Galder is equipped with a Bergmann linear odor monitor and costs $ 37,000 in black velvet/silver or $ 50,000 when coated with 24-carat gold.

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