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Lamborghini x Xiaomi
Will Bring You Back
To Your Childhood

When you look at this yellow monster, a child must wake up in you, who immediately wants to jump and run on the track. Excitement and adrenal
ine are the main ingredients of this go-kart. If the ten-year-old inside didn't feel reluctantly aroused inside after you saw it, you may need help. Lamborghini has always had the opportunity to take anyone back to his childhood, but this new toy is an unlikely lover between the Italian awning Supercar and Xiaomi, which was created during its 10th anniversary. 

If you are surprised by this collaboration, know that the Chinese electronics giant has also introduced other pioneering products, such as the world's first transparent television. This little racer comes in a shadow called Giallo Orion, which can usually be seen on zipped Huracans on the road. It is an improved version of Segway's white offering in the USA, with a technological impact that will shift its top speed to 40 km / h. 

Instead, go-kart headlights are "Ice Lake Blue" LED headlights for better visibility at night. Tailor-made tires make it easier to drive in corners to achieve better lap times. However, a sound emulation system that restores the sound of a powerful Lamborghini engine is best. 

You may think that 40 km / h is equivalent to crawling compared to a real hurricane, but this Lamborghini Edition go-kart is already 5 km / h faster than the regular version and is also much smaller and lighter, so you will really feel the excitement. 

The 432 Wh battery inside is suitable for 62 laps on a 400-meter race track with a single charge. You don't even have to push yourself into this toy; It is suitable for most adults and can carry a load of up to 100 kg. 

This Xiaomi Ninebot GoKart Pro will be available initially in China, although a wider global release is expected in the future. At almost $ 2,000, it's simply the cheapest Lamborghini you'll ever find. You will always be pulling traces in it - only it will be completely different. 

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