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Experience The Adrenaline of
F1 As Cranfield Simulation
Will Make This a Reality

The definition of Formula 1 is probably simple - perfect logistics, development in the millions of dollars a huge effort to achieve perfection, desire to win,
adrenaline and speed. Imagine that you can have all this for a fraction of the price, and you don't even have to leave your own house. We are not talking about some games that simulate F1 races, we are talking about a new generation simulator that will bring these experiences as close as possible to you. 

Cranfield Simulation, based in the United Kingdom, has just announced the world's first full-motion F1 simulator designed specifically for the home. The high-tech setup promises to faithfully restore the racing experience, allowing users to choose any car and compile specifications and race on any circuit around the world. The Cranfield racing simulator uses the same patented technology as in high-quality military simulators used to train fighter pilots.

pressive technology stimulates the brain to feel the feelings of the G-force, creating a more impressive and authentic experience. It's the same system used by drivers of F1, Nascar and other racing cars for years to recreate the feeling of tearing around the race at 200 miles per hour. But it's not just the technology that's worth mentioning about Cranfield's simulator. The machine itself looks like a real F1 car - without wheels, engine and other mechanical parts.

Climb into the cockpit and you will find
professional instrument panel settings, steering wheel and pedals. These elements combine to help the simulator regain the feeling of getting behind the wheel of a real race car. The company will also completely adapt the kit to your exact specifications. "Most simulators used in motorsport are little more than at the fairgrounds," said Ian Poll, professor emeritus of aeronautical engineering at Cranfield University. "If the brain believes this, the simulation will become a reality and the value of the training will increase significantly." If you are interested in Cranfield Simulation F1 simulator, you can contact the company with pricing information. A simulator of this caliber will not be cheap, but given the cost of obtaining a real race car on the world track, we imagine that it is a profitable business. 

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