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El Güegüense Limited
Edition Perfecto

To commemorate five years in the cigar industry, the
Foundation adds Cigar Co. a limited edition of Perfecto into its El Güegüense line. El Güegüense (pronounced El-Wah-When Say) was the debut brand of brand owner Nick Melilla, named after a traditional dance that is part of the annual Nicaraguan Festival in San Sebastian. El Güegüense in English means "wise man". 

The cigars will be delivered in a special wooden collector's box with works of art by the artistic director of the Thief Operandi Foundation. The collector's box with 20 numbers consists of the main tray with 10 cigarettes and two other folding trays, each of which contains five cigars. The inner lids are covered with works of art depicting the Wise Man logo with one of his mules and two sons. The chest is designed to look similar to the one usually worn by the figure of the Wise Man in folk dance.

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