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Saiff Vasarhelyi's Exceptional
Artist Work Is a Hobby

Vasarhelyi, a talented artist and a member of our social network TCHIIN. His talent and passion were ultimately why he decided on his career. "It was a difficult choice," he says, "but I'm glad I made it. I can get up this morning and do something I love." 

As usual, different worlds come together to create something perfect. After all, the alliance of Rebellion Timepieces and Saiff Vasarhelyi brought a unique project to customize the Predator watch. Those familiar with the Rebellion ecosystem will not be surprised to learn that the relationship between the artist and the watch brand came through car racing - specifically on the Swiss Rebellion Karting track. "This is where I met Calim [Editor's note: Calim Bouhadra, Rebellion's COO]," explains Vasarhelyi, "and given my art and Rebellion's rebellious spirit, we had some great ideas that we were able to implement together." 

There is another challenge with partnering with Rebellion. After reducing from a relatively large canvas to much smaller shoes, the next step was to improve an even smaller watch. Obviously, the aerosols were not good here, so Vasarhelyi switched to airbrush and fine brushes to adjust his watch. "The first watch I made was a Re-Volty for Philippe on a go-kart track," he explains. "I painted a white strap for him and everyone loved him." Then I did a few more watches for the drivers, but I wanted to do things a step further. So I offered to paint some dials. " 

This brings us to the ultra-limited edition of only 10 Predator watches, all of which are unique and all have been hand-painted by Vasarhelyi. Just look in the gallery (click on the button at the top of the article) and you will see the level of detail and vibrant colors of each work. The perfect finish is that the use of luminescent paint is Vasarhelyi's signature, which means that even these miniature works of art glow in the dark. 

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