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The Life Attitude of Millionaires
and Their Most Important Life Priorities

Try to think and imagine that your hard work has earned you the millions you have in your account. One day someone will come to you and ask you a simple question. Are you
happy with your life? What do you really want? What do you perceive as your highest life priority? 

Think about the answer you would answer.The US Trust conducted a survey among 640 millionaires. They were people with high net worth, with at least $ 3 million in investable assets.The survey showed that the top priorities of millionaires include: 

  1. Health
  2. Family
  3. Financial security

This means that the main priority for these people is health, followed by the family, and in third place is financial security. 98% of respondents said that their most valuable asset is health, and most think that health is the key to a good life. 99% of millionaires also say that investing in health is as important as investing in wealth building.The health is immediately followed by the family, which the survey participants defined as necessary. But many were unsure of the legacy they would leave to the next generation. Although three out of four respondents said they wanted to leave property to their children, only one in five millionaires felt that their children were ready to deal with this wealth. 

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