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Lazzarini Design
Studio is known for its bold-looking design projects. Pierpaolo Lazzarini's latest product from Lazzarini Design Studio can easily compete for the title of the craziest superyacht concept of 2020. 

A unique concept of electric vessels is a swan-shaped yacht called "Avanguardia" (English "vanguard"). The swan's head is a control tower and a cabin converted into a 16-meter boa
t. The "neck" crane moves the head to the water surface, where the jet capsules transfer passengers from the rear docking port of the jet capsules to Avanguardia. The design of the mega yacht, inspired by the Japanese manga from the 1970s, is a 137-meter long vessel with 5 decks and a capacity of up to 60 passengers (guests: 24 / staff: 12 / crew: 10).

The propulsion system designed by the design studio is a combination of two fully electric side motors and a roll-Royce central MTU engine that will be able
to push a giga-waterbird to a maximum cruising speed of about 18 knots. For a more pronounced appearance on the water, the swan yacht is available in black and red. A 137-meter-long Lazarini Avanguardia could become a reality with a client able to invest $ 500,000,000 in construction costs.

At the moment, Avanguardia is just a stylistic exercise equipped with two pools, sun decks, and two separate heliports.
The neck of this water bird is flexible, wrote autoevolution.com, and works with the support that gives it the full range of motion. When sailing, the neck lowers the head into the center of the boat, which helps with stability and speed. After anchoring, the neck can be placed on the water, where the head separates and becomes a separate tender 50 feet (15.2 meters) long. "The middle boat is a packed garage for the owner's classic cars, but the plaster doesn't show much as an indication of how they might get there," the car revolution added. 

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