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Model 356 The Immortal
Popularity of Porsche

The Model 356,
the traditional shapes that have made this car an icon is considered Porsche's first production car, which is a light and agile car, as standard as a Porsche custom rear-wheel drive engine, which is available in a fixed design coupé also in an open configuration. Thanks to its immense success and popularity, the Porsche 356 will forever be remembered as the building that put the Austrian brand on the map. 

Thanks to its combination of inertia chassis and bulletproof four-cylinder, the Porsche 356 is considered highly respected, known for its intimidating presence in races and its unusual ability to win against cars with much larger engines. This 1958 Porsche 356A Speedster, restored by Serge Heitz Automobile Consulting, is one of 76,000 original vehicles still in existence. 

It is now equipped with magnesium rims, adjustable dampers, disc brakes, stabilizer bars, Carrera central exhaust, fog lights, intake vents for the rear bumper, central front cover, and grille lights. This extremely rare hard plus soft upper and fully-equipped GT ride uses two engines - a renewed standard and one ready for rallies or private circuits. The 1958 Porsche 356 Speedster, which retains the timeless yet sophisticated lines known to the Porsche 356, is now on sale along with a complete refurbishment and birth certificate at Serge Heitz's Cap Ferret premises near Bordeaux and Merignac. 

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