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Hermès DNA In Every Detail

Most watch collectors are amazed by the combination of a flying
tourbillon and a minute repeater. It's a guaranteed combination of features, if you want something even more special, Hermès is the right thing to do. The dial is made partially transparent in the shape of a horse's head. Beneath some substantial parts of the minute amplifier are revealed. Although it is a slightly whimsical approach, it is done with such subtlety that it works very well.

The shape of the
tourbillon cage is also unique and similar to the Arceau Lift from 2013, the first Hermès tourbillon. She was inspired by the forged elevator door in the flagship Hermès at 24:00 on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris. In the back of the watch, we also find a unique reference to the equestrian history of Hermès, as some bridges have the shape of a horse's head. It is made with such elegance that it has a significant effect on the overall perception of the watch.

Manufacture Haute Complications (MHC) has developed and manufactured a machine that is characterized by an industrial and at the same time refined surface treatment of all parts. The beveled edges on the parts gently accentuate them, especially at the front. These two versions differ from each other not only in the type of metal but also in the color of the dial. The Arceau Lift Tourbillon Répétition Minutes bracelet made of rose gold is complemented by a white lacquered dial, while the white gold edition contains one in blue.

As a result, they look quite different from each other, even though they have the same movement and design. It is all the more a pity that both are only one-off because they so smoothly combine Hermès' unique DNA with such a complex movement.

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