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Adesanya With a Clear
Reference To Puma

, known as "The Last Stylebender", will become a popular athlete throughout Australia and bring his spectacular energy to him. emphasizes his famous line "he who said that the sky is the border does not know about the universe". 

It is becoming commonplace for PUMA. The brand is expanding its list of athletes across codes as they try to identify those who stand for more than the "status quo". According to PUMA Oceania CEO Pancho Gutstein, individuality is something the brand wants to show."Not only is Israel a fearless and incredibly talented athlete, but its passion for dance, fashion, anime, and an unforgettable personality make it an outstanding individual to represent the brand," Gutstein said. 
Eliminating the brand from the shadows and at the forefront of sports entertainment is not a bad performance, but with a showstopper like Adesanya on your side, anything is possible. "I express myself when I fight when I dance and I have always loved swinging PUMA with my style. I never meet society's expectations as long as I should be - individualism is key, "said the UFC champion.

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