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24-carat Carafe For The 150th
Anniversary of Hennessy XO
and Frank Gehry

sy decided to work with the world-renowned architect Frank Gehry on its important milestone, who was tasked with dressing up this unique gem. The carafe was created in a limited edition. The carafe as a visual element combines gold, glass, in the perfect form of French form and delicacy. Only 150 carafes with 24-carat bronze sipping gold were made, the design of which is a wavy sleeve surrounding the iconic shape of the bottle. The new edition comes as part of the World Odyssey celebration, which aims to strengthen Hennessy's values ​​of joy, optimism, and resilience. 

Hennessy won with Gehry when it comes to refined structures that push the boundaries of design. Cult-popular designs, including The Guggenheim Bilbao, Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, and the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris, have become synonymous with architectural movement. It's a topic he brought back to Hennessy XO. "I was honored to be asked to celebrate this milestone for Hennessy X.O.

Although I was excited, it was also scary because a bottle of cognac is already a work of art that you can feel, taste, and feel - it doesn't need decoration because it's already there, "said
Gehry." We show how creative we can be in this language. "The people who make this product have such a strong history and a serious emotional commitment. It has an interesting resonance that you can get involved in and become part of." 

In addition to being wrapped in 24-carat gold immersed in bronze, the new decanter is surrounded by a cellar made of broken glass, which, according to Gehry, symbolizes the ligamentous Charente River, which runs through the Hennessy House. Interestingly, the decanter, glorifier, and fusil were packed in a protective case, which is itself a design object with Frank Gehry's signature imprint and made of compressed cardboard. While this may sound like a special accessory, it's actually a tribute to a series of corrugated cardboard furniture designed by Gehry in the 1970s. 

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