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Lovers of Classic Cars and
Races Have Reason To Rejoice

In today's age of constraints, when many of us can't get to our favorite hobbies, such as racing with cars, companies are increasingly turning to
high-tech technologies to create an atmosphere of real racing and revive the adrenaline that we love flooding so much. And while that usually means strapping yourself to the virtual cockpit of a modern race car, the new VR system from The Classic Car Trust allows you to sit behind the wheel of your dream car.

One Italian
organization announced the cooperation with the company Racing Unleashed on the upcoming simulator, not so much, but on the simulator of a classic car called eClassic. However, this is not all to attract the real elite by reaching out to the biggest names in manufacturing and design cars Pininfarina and Zagato to help design the machine. 
While most simulators focus on regaining the experience of driving a top race car down to the most complex details, eClassic tries something different.

Although details of its full technical capabilities remain scarce, the group has clarified that it will focus on capturing the excitement of driving a classic Ferrari or Alfa Romeo after a turn. This means that you will be able to use this simulator to improve your driving skills, but also for real fun. Classic cars are, of course, sought after by their design and this simulator does not sacrifice style for sports. The system will be available in two different body styles, one designed by Pininfarina and the other by Zagato.

And the attention to detail doesn't just stop at a graceful exterior, as each simulator's richly equipped cab has a wooden steering wheel, manual gearshift and a comfortable leather bucket seat. To help make this experience even more immersive is the setting of three monitors attached to the front of the machine, as well as a hydraulic base that gives each ride a certain IRL driving dynamics.

"TCCT is proud to launch eClassic, which allows [users] to drive and race classic cars anytime, anywhere - safely and without any environmental costs, in a truly exciting environment," the group said on its website (via HiConsumption). "With eClassic TCCT, it adds a new dimension to the classic car experience."Classic Car Trust has yet to announce the awards for its sleek racing simulator but has said it will arrive next year. He will be introduced to the eClassic Racing Club, an online community that will offer its members training, a personal training program and live racing.

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