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The World Diamond Museum Has
Announced The Release of
The Museum's First Book

The World Diamond Museum has announced the release of the museum's first book in its Facets of Mankind series: "Diamonds Across Time." The hardcover contains 432 pages, 270 color images, and 39 black and white illustrations containing invaluable information gathered from various sources around the world. The uniqueness of this book lies in the fact that it can boast not 1, but 10 authors at once, all world-famous scientists who adore diamonds. As part of the film "Diamonds Across Time", they present new discoveries, explore unusual collections, explore the history, trade, science, and nature of diamonds, showcase legendary jewelry, and entire jewelry collections from great designers. 

First and foremost, they tell the human stories that underlie the worship of diamonds. Dr. Usha R. Balakrishnan, the museum's chief curator, and world-renowned jeweler, organized and edited this information. "Diamonds Across Time" is a richly illustrated publication with high-quality images of gems and jewels, archival documents, rare drawings, and fairy-tale photographs. The volume places diamonds in the context of the time they were discovered and at the political, social, and cultural stage In a rapidly changing world, diamonds are eternal. They were created by nature and grew in the bosom of the Earth. They tell stories and record history. With this book, "Diamonds will finally have their own narrators", - Facets of Mankind - World Diamond Museum.

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