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Pietro Simone Celebrated As
a Beauty Genius Around The World

Simone, a name that does not need to be introduced in the field of skincare. He has long been celebrated as a skincare genius behind the coveted glow seen on the skin of celebrities around the world. Now, with the exclusive launch of the Italian golden face complemented by a 24-carat gold leaf, Pietro brings a revolutionary level of luxury skincare to Harrods treatment rooms. 

Thanks to his extensive experience and expertise, Pietro Simone has developed a comprehensive range of original products and treatments that are designed to unleash the true potential of your skin. Guided by the philosophy that "our skin is a theater of life", Pietro's recipe combines extensive scientific research with ancient skin traditions to delay the aging process for clients of any age. Gold, which is far from a frivolous gimmick, can produce amazing results when applied to the skin - especially in reducing the signs of aging.

It is proven that when gold is used in its purest form, it increases the production of collagen and reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles, as well as visibly lifts and firms the skin. It is also known that the antioxidant properties of gold protect against free radicals, which are molecules responsible for premature aging for unknown substances.
However, gold is not just a miracle anti-aging ingredient and can work wonders for other skin problems. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, gold skincare can be used to improve acne and reduce redness, and by properly trained professionals, gold can be effective for virtually any skin problem.

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