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Bentley Fragrances With a
New Collection For Women

As a representative of luxury cars, Bentley proves that he can also produce other luxury pleasures, bags, golf clubs, furniture, and many other exclusive and limit
ed items. However, the brand boasts the latest additions to the fragrance collection. The exclusive Bentley Beyond collection has acquired three new amazing fragrances for women: Radiant Osmanthus, a fresh fruity-floral scent, Mellow Heliotrope, a beautiful powder perfume, and Vibrant Hibiscus, an extravagant floral scent.

Each of these beautiful perfumes has been designed to represent the individual characteristics of a unique flower and reflect the character of the exceptional ladies who wear them.
Like other Bentley fragrances, these fragrances are contained in a luxurious glass bottle inspired by the characteristic crystal-cut headlights of the powerful Bentley Continental GT model. Heavy glass bottles have a thick base and an excellent satin effect. Each of them is finished with a unique cap decorated with colorful suede details.

Born in the heart of perfumery in Grasse, France, Karine
Dubreuil Sereni was the main perfumer who created these three beautiful scents for Bentley. Pictured above is the Radiant Osmanthus perfume, which attracts with its top tones, which combine a shimmering mandarin and a cool orange blossom. The heart of osmanthus perfume is beautifully complemented by a bloody peach with wild jasmine tones and a creamy base that combines sandalwood, white amber, and musk. It is a sweet, light, and effortlessly elegant perfume that will be just as pleasing as the beautiful woman who wears it.

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