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Billionaire Koch Advises How
To Be Efficient and Maximize
Your Productivity

There are important things in life that push you forward in some way. So it is important that you perceive the signs that the day itself brings you. Even if you find the sign, one thing is really important. Ask the right questions that will move you forward. James Koch, American businessman and founder of the Boston Beer Company. Studying at a prestigious university was a stepping stone to his career. 

Although he had a very well-paid job, in 1984 he "dug up" an old beer recipe that his great-grandfather used in 1870 and brewed a batch of beer at home in the kitchen. Subsequently, he left his job as a consultant and started the Boston Beer Company. The budding founder quickly realized that the CEO doesn't always have to mean CEO: "You're the boss of everything," Koch told the Iconic conference in Boston. It took him three decades to turn his company, including the Sam Adams beer brand, into a billion-dollar beer empire. 

As he revealed, to maximize his productivity, he asks himself this question every morning: 

"What two things do I have to do to make my day a success?" 

"I try to focus on just two or three things I have to do that day and I won't finish until I finish them," he said. 
As he revealed in an interview with Businessinsider in 2015, his daily guide is a handy notebook in which he marks the three main tasks he has to complete during the day. A small notebook prevents him from marking too much detail in it, or from writing for too long. Plus, it fits in your pocket, so it's available all day long. It is essential that you persevere in what you believe in achieving your goals. 

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