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Mike Tyson In The Ring
Again After 15 Years

Tyson, a man of many faces, a name that doesn't need to be introduced to anyone. Mike returns to the ring. At the age of 54, after almost 15 years, he will compete with Roy Jones Jr. If he wins, Tyson will remove the reigning oldest champion and fellow Boxing Hall fame George Foreman, who won the crown in 1994 at the age of 45. For Mike, it's not just about victory, it's about proving his inner strength and his resilience. He has been betrayed, but he gets up - over and over and over again.

"I am grateful to be able to return to the ring at my age. Becoming the oldest heavyweight champion of all time is not my goal." But I'm never learning to ever say, because if you asked me a year ago if I could see myself in the ring again, I'd say, "Never in a million years."
I enjoy riding and challenging spiritually, mentally, and physically and giving my children a good example that anything is possible if you think about it, "he confides and adds:" Everything is possible.

"And yes, that would be a win.
Tyson, one of the most feared and respected giants in boxing history, has much more than a fighting chance of success - some might even say he's in the best shape of his life. If the scale is any indication, it is again on track for size. "I'm 219 pounds now; I don't know when I last had 219 pounds. I was probably six years old," he jokes, adding with a giggle, "It was orgasmic [when I saw this number].

"In fact, he's still a little slimmer than his winning weight of 221 pounds in 1986 - but it wasn't easy.
Tyson was in the beast mode before announcing his comeback in July, practicing with revenge. Every morning, after prayer, he hits the gym for two hours of cardio - an hour on a stationary bike and then an hour on a treadmill - followed by some serious time in a circle (and some serious time with his wife's massage gun to fight his sciatica because hey, maybe he has combat weight but still he is 50 years old.).

His diet has also changed. He said goodbye to his mostly vegan diet so he could train properly. He ate foods like a salmon, goat, and bison (which he refers to as "s ** t, which only tastes terrible but burns calories ").
The result: he has 98 pounds down, a slim, bad, and shredded machine. But then somehow it has to be. There will be a lot of eyes on Mike Tyson on November 28 - more precisely 2.5 billion of them. No pressure, what can you say?

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