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Stephen Curry's Connection
To Under Armor For Higher Goals

Well, who wouldn't love
Stephen Curry? Always in a good mood and smiling. The NBA star, one of the most popular basketball players of the modern era, holds the title of double-player MVP Golden State Warrior. He used his influence and popularity to team up with Under Armor and establish his own clothing division. The release of new footwear called the "Curry Brand" is expected on December 11, which is just around the corner.

Higher mission and goals, an important aspect of the Curry brand is to provide resources and accessibility to children affected by COVID-19.
In an interview with Sports Illustrated Curry, he revealed his role in Oakland "to create safe play areas, support programming, support coaches and leaders who have an impact on our children." Curry wants to work closely with the United Oakland School District to launch basketball programs at every high school through a partnership with the non-profit Positive Coaching Alliance. 

Under Armor hopes for similar success as Michael Jordan and Nike were to take the world by storm with a new connection. The new collection, which will be launched online at CurryBrand.com, will feature shoes and clothing for a variety of sports, including basketball and golf. Arriving at a "convenient" time between Black Friday and public holidays, Army General Director Patrik Frisk wanted to measure that the start was "as close as possible to the last period of the NBA season." With a long-term vision of joining other athletes to the brand and "passing the torch on to people who are alike," Curry looks ahead to the brand's long-term goals, even though "he has nothing to talk about." It is important to be aware of the need to help and create new opportunities. 

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