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Ecurie Ecosse LM69
Rebirth of The Legend

The year was 1966 and the talented
Malcolm Sayer presented his vision and prototype Jaguar XJ13. This car was to bring the brand another victory, at that time in the most prestigious Le Mans race. This model, or rather a technical marvel of the sixties and seventies, was powered by a four-cylinder V-12 engine with a respectable volume of 5.0 liters. This was the first medium-sized Jaguar car and was probably one of the sexiest cars of the time, and we dare to write that not just those. 

However, the carmaker's management slowed down its activities and invested less and less in motorsports. However, this unique XJ13 model was successful without being overtaken on the legendary Circuit de la Sarthe. Fifty years later, designer Howard Guy and his team at the UK-based creative consulting firm Design Q decided to ask themselves the basic question: "What if?" Ecurie Ecosse LM69 is finished in the white and blue shades of the team. 

The LM69, which was announced in 2019, has nothing to do with the Jaguar. It is a brand new car built by a brand new car company, designed - unlike many current replicas - on the streets of a legal area in the 1920s and stylized by those who have the passions and aesthetics of the 1960s. "So you can take your car on the road and drive from coast to coast, that's what it's all about." There's no limit, "says Guy, CEO of Design Q, who as a boy playing with the Ecurie Ecosse toy models that won the Jaguar at Le Mans in the 1960s. entered the motorsport before 1969.

Like the XJ13, the LM69 is powered by a stunning 12-cylinder, the latter having two personalities: one that penetrates residential areas, and a "bonkers" racing environment in which the power plant will roar on highways, such as only the V-12 can do that. Given the trend from conventional internal combustion engines to electric platforms, Guy believes it could be the last new V-12 produced. However, among other engine options, it offers a zero-emission option for the US market. 

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