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Do You Want To Move
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If you want to move significantly forward in life, perceive the sign
als around you. If you do not know how to do this, use the knowledge of others who will be happy to share it with you and their wisdom and thus guide you on the path you can walk. We have prepared a set of books for you, with which you will work on the results. 

Rich Father, Poor Father (Robert Kiyosaki) 

Many people who have read this "bible" of financial literacy will tell you that it has changed their lives. Robert Kiyosaki will change your view of money and teach you how to let money work for yourself (instead of working for money). If you are interested in financial freedom and want to learn how to work with money, this book is the right choice for you. 

Smart Investor (Benjamin Graham) 

Even the best book on investing, considered to be the Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham, cannot be left out of this list. 

Warren Buffett himself, a legendary investor and billionaire, said that if he had not read this book, his life would have looked different. 

Think and Get Rich (Napoleon Hill) 

The book Think and Get Rich is without a doubt the best-selling book on success. And no wonder - behind her is the great Napoleon Hill, who dedicated his life to analyzing success and revealing what successful and rich people think. 

4-hour working week (Tim Ferris) 

This book will kick you in every way. It will change your view of the world, work and personal life and teach you to work more efficiently. You will learn specific steps to eliminate unnecessary distractions and fully focus on 20% of activities that generate 80% of your results.

The Richest Man in Babylon (George S. Clason) 

If we were to characterize this book in one sentence, suffice it to say that it is the most concise book on wealth ever written.Here you will find valuable advice in terms of savings, wealth creation and financial freedom. If you want to learn how to make money and how to make more money, you should not miss this book. 

Infinite Inner Power (Anthony Robbins) 

The author of the book, Anthony Robbins, will offer you techniques on how to make the most of your mind and achieve your desired goals. Tony Robbins teaches that if someone has been able to achieve a certain result (for example, to become financially free), then it can be achieved by anyone else.In the book, you will learn many techniques of NLP (neurolinguistic programming), thanks to which you will end bad habits and acquire habits that will move you forward. 

Restart (J. Fried, D.H. Hansson) 

A book for everyone who has decided to do business. Behind its birth are the founders of the successful software company 37signals. Many of the tips contained are at odds with standard business lessons, making this book even more interesting and appealing. For example: while everyone says that an entrepreneur needs a business plan, the authors call it a waste of time.

No excuses (Brian Tracy) 

Great motivational speaker Brian Tracy will kick you to exceptional results in this book gem. The author of the bestseller First Eat the Frog in the book talks about the power of self-discipline and concentration, which surpasses even the greatest talent. In 21 chapters, Tracy will show you how to discipline yourself in various areas of personal life as well as business, be it people management, finance or sales. It will simply teach you how to take responsibility and stop arguing for everything that happens to you. 

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