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A New Direction For Your
Wine Basement Thanks To Winecab

The age at which it is amazing for several reasons developmental progression has included light speed in every field. Today, you can treat yourself to a state-of-the-art wine vending machine from the comfort of your home, along with a sommelier to help you choose the right wine for your upcoming
lunch. Winecab has created Winewall - a robotically powered wine cellar that can identify up to 600,000 vintages by a label.

Winewall looks like a top slot machine in which your wine collection can be placed. It keeps your bottles at the right temperature and humidity, which you can monitor using their smartphone app. Winewall uses face recognition software to identify who can request a bottle. You can lock individual bottles or even entire collections so that only authorized people can use them. The heart of Winewall is a robotic arm that has seven different axes that it uses to load, scan, and dispense the wine. The arm can pick up and dispense the exact bottle you are looking for in just 15 seconds. Three cameras are used to monitor arm movement. Additional motion sensors give your collection even more security. Integrated artificial intelligence identifies each vintage according to its label and can suggest the best pairs of wine and food. 

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