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Top Best Celebrity
Earnings For 2020

Towards the end of the year, each of us thought about what he had done throughout the year, some happy with our work, others less so, but the truth is that we can all be a little better next year. Today, we will focus on those who have really succeeded this year. Based on information from the prestigious
Forbes magazine, this year the youngest of the Kardashian clan reigned as the most successful. In the publication, 23-year-old Kylie became the highest-paid celebrity for 2020. Forbes also published the amount earned by personalities in the world, which was a total of 6.1 billion USD. 

2020 is actually the first drop since 2016, a year after Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather secured nearly half a billion dollars between them. But, as Forbes rightly points out, "even though America lurks and fires in every sense of the word after COVID-19, after the murder of George Floyd, the show still continued." and the other earner (and a colleague from the family), Kanye West, was huge 

It's no surprise that both stars have made money from retail activities. West made big dollars on his Yeezy sneakers, and Adidas and Jenner made money on their 51 percent stake in cosmetics company Coty. In terms of performance, things were streamed when actors Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson made big money through Netflix. Ed Sheeran's Divide Tour attracted 8.9 million fans in two years and raised $ 776 million, breaking U2's historic record for a single tour. Sports stars Roger Federer and Cristiano Ronaldo were also ranked in the top five, bail compared to Jenner's ridiculous catch. 


Kylie Jenner ($590 Million) 
Kanye West ($170 Million) 
Roger Federer ($106.3 Million) 
Cristiano Ronaldo ($105 Million) 
Lionel Messi ($104 Million) 
Tyler Perry ($97 Million) 
Neymar ($95.5 Million) 
Howard Stern ($90 Million) 
LeBron James ($88.2 Million) 
Dwayne Johnson ($87.5 Million) 
Rush Limbaugh – $85 Million 
Ellen DeGeneres – USD$84 Milion
Bill Simmons – USD$82.5 Million
Elton John – $81 Million
James Patterson – $80 Million
Stephan Curry – $74.5 Million
Ariana Grande – $72 Million
Ryan Reynolds – $71.5 Million
Gordon Ramsay – $70 Million
The Jonas Brothers – $68.5 Million
The Chainsmokers – $68 Million
Dr. Phil McGraw – $65.5 Million
Ed Sheeran – $64 Million
Kevin Durant – $63.9 Million
Taylor Swift – $63.5 Million
Tiger Woods – $62.3 Million
Kirk Cousins – $60.5 Millio
Post Malone – $60 Million
J.K. Rowling – $60 Million
Ryan Seacrest – $60 Million
Carson Wentz – $59.1 Million
Rolling Stones – $59 Million
Mark Wahlberg – $58 Million
Tyson Fury – $57 Million
Marshmello – $56 Million
Russell Westbrook – $56 Million
Ben Affleck – $55 Million
Sean Combs – $55 Million
Shawn Mendes – $54.5 Million
Vin Diesel – USD$54 Million
Lewis Hamilton – $54 Million
Jay-Z – $53.5 Million
Billie Eilish – $53 Million
Rory McIlroy – $52 Million
Simon Cowell – $51 Million
Jerry Seinfeld – $51 Million
BTS – $50 Million
Kim Kardashian – $49.5 Million
Drake – $49 Million
Jared Goff – $49 Million

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