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5 Billion Price Tag of
The Seat of The Technology Giant

$ 5 billion for the company's butter? The vision has become a reality for technology giant Apple
, aptly named "Apple Park." Headquarters. " Built-in Cupertino, California, Apple Park is built on 176 acres and it took eight years for us to go through the planning, design, permit application, and construction processes. In 2017, 12,000 Apple employees began working from a "spaceship" that filled a 2,800,000-square-foot four-story building. While the building is huge, it is also environmentally friendly. 

Steve Jobs demanded that the campus resembles a natural refuge rather than an office park, so about 80 percent of Apple Park is greenery planted with drought-resistant trees and native plants. Extensive orchards line the land and add fruit to the buffets. The roof is covered with solar panels, which provide approximately 75 percent of the area's energy needs. The building is also designed to withstand earthquakes. The cost of the building has partially reached such astronomical levels due to the circular design. Jobs explained, "It's a circle, so it's curved around the perimeter.

This is not the cheapest way to build something. Each glass pane in the main building will be curved. We have a chance to build the best office building in the world. I really think architecture students are coming to see it. "This circular building is huge and measures one mile around the perimeter - buses and bicycles are available for staff to get from one end of the complex to the other. Below the building is a network of roads and parking spaces. There are 1,000 people at the Steve Jobs Theater, two large buildings for research and development facilities and a staff care clinic, and a visitor center where people can see, but most of the campus is for the public is closed, so you'll need to watch a video to learn more. 

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