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Aman-i-Khas, Rajasthan, India
Glamping Like You've Never
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You are a lover of the Orient who likes to travel and discover the beauty of this corner of the country, you will definitely enjoy yourself if you visit Aman-i-Khas, Rajasthan, India. Aman-i-Khas takes glamping to a whole new level of luxury. Safari in India has never been so elegant as it is located on the edge of Rajasthan's most important tiger-growing area, in Ranthambore National Park and with 10 lavish Mughal-inspired tents and endless chances of spying on a Bengal beast by the pool.

Thanks to its unique blend of nature and ancient ruins - along with Aman's legendary pampering -all those infamous clock alarms are needed to explore the bushes that are worth it. In terms of appearance, it is best described as a leather and mahogany nouvelle-colonial decor: undulating canvas walls, king-size mats (with king-size beds) and marble bathrooms. The library is a great place to easily relax and recharge; combine it with a decommissioning bath and you will hum softZen melodies until payment.

The procedures are based on Ayurveda, an ancient Indian healing system, and include everything from post-vandandan massage (whole body, circulating strengthening), a daily schedule of yoga and meditation classes, and specially and modified procedures on request. Food is sourced locally and from an organic garden, a green oasis that supplies the fruit tent with fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs.International favorites focus heavily on selected dishes and authentic Indian dishes, including fragrant Rajasthani curries accompanied by rice and homemade roti.

As part of the redemption experience, aptly named A Camp of Your Own, the entire retreat is all yours and includes a daily jeep safari in search of tigers, leopards, sloths, hyenas and crocodiles. The action program also includes bird watching trips along the green bed of the Banáš River and camel rides through localvillages. If you do one thing ... You spend a lot of time in a jeep here, so take it to a higher level and explore the untouched terrain of the land of kings on horseback. Your trusted steed will be the Marwar horse - a rare breed from the Marwar area (Jodhpur), once highly valued by Rajput royal queens - who will walk you through rural Rajasthan when you learn all about the history, culture and country of this powerful country.
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