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BMW Cafe Racer Motorcycle Through
The Eyes of Dutch Designer
Sabino Leerentveld

Dutch designer
Sabino Leerentveld took a BMW motorcycle to transform her image of Café Racer from it. This two-wheeled truck eliminates the characteristic boxer engine of the Bavarian manufacturer. Sabino Leerentveld, who has a talent for the production of various concept cars. It is a cross between a traditional cafe racer and futuristic bikes. This concept has no formal name and is undoubtedly a futuristic sports atmosphere - thanks to the linear top and one waveform passing from the tail light to the headlight; breaking only once for the dashboard visor.

Thanks to a mixture of metal and carbon fiber, this
Café Racer features the BMW logo on its side and, in line with BMW tradition, opts for a split headlight instead of an iconic split face mask, while the taillights with edges are located at the end of the seat - unloaded from the motorcycle and creating an absolutely charming side profile. It is covered in a black and gold color scheme, which seems to be inspired by one of the largest racing uniforms of all time - black and gold livery.

of this BMW
Café Racer by designer Sabin Leerentveld, who was sponsored by the Lotus F1 manufacturer in 1985, supported by John Player Special, presented a range of unique designs, including one in red and gold, reminiscent of Iron Man. This concept, complemented by wheel spokes and racing tires from Pirelli, follows a minimalist approach that draws inspiration from hyperscopes of all wheels and wild racing machines. 

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