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Billionaires behind Gerard and
Alain Wertheimer in The Background
of The World's Most .......

Billionaires behind Gerard and
Alain Wertheimer in The Background of The World's Most Prestigious Brands. The fashion industry is one of the fastest growing industries today. Hundreds of fashion brands are emerging and disappearing every day, trying to establish themselves in this competitive industry. However, there are also those who have transformed their visions into brands that are legendary and iconic.

The people behind such brands have become some of the richest people in the world and especially in this industry. We're turning our attention to a duo
that some people have called "the quietest billionaires in fashion," and for good reason. We're pretty sure you've never heard of Gerard and Alain Wertheimer. The Wertheimer brothers are mysterious co-owners of Chanel. The chairman of this legendary fashion house, while Gerard manages the Chanel watch department based in Switzerland. In addition to their vast fashion empire, Gerard and Alain also have the privilege of owning various vineyards located in France and the Napa Valley. always room for a new hobby or luxury property. 

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