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A Catamaran That Will Fill All
The Ideas Even of Tony Stark

People like to pre
sent their success in different ways. If you want to draw attention to yourself, forget about expensive cars, pompous parties, or expensive watches that adorn your wrist. Your life should go in the direction of Tony Stark and Pininfarina Catamaran Superyacht should be added to the list of your latest toys. So far, this Catamaran by Samuel Errico Piccarini is just a concept that will unrivaled appeal to everyone around you. A catamaran that fills all the imagination of even the biggest playboy after the sun.

It is a creation that serves as a metaphor for coming to life. It's like mature whiskey and excellent wine designed for first-class affairs, which are more suitable for concluding a business agreement with a large share than for organizing a tasteless party. The highlight of the luxury catamaran is the gargantuan transparent hulls, which allow guests to see directly into the main suite on one side and the guest bedroom on the other.

Take a step outside and there you will find a spacious deck full of reclining loungers and round tables, ideal for watching the sunset and sipping cocktails. If you want to enjoy the expansive ocean views, sit on the
flybridge, which offers plenty of seating to see the ocean from a panoramic perspective. Samuel's designer Errico Piccarini gives an extra dose of high luxury. The unmistakable design language of "less is more" Pininfarina is wonderfully reflected in stylish interiors, dim lighting, and minimalist furniture, which is completed with first-class materials such as marble and expensive wood. 

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