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An Infinite Number of
Lipstick Shades

Even the most famous artists of our age could envy the invention of
Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Rouge Sur Mesure, complemented by Perso, a pink instrument from L’Oreal with artificial intelligence. How does it all work? Three different colors of lipsticks spray their liquid on the top of the device so that wearers can mix it and make their seductive lips even more seductive and unique. This personal manufacturer of lip paints promises "infinity of shades at your fingertips. 

All you need is an iOS app, the Android app includes an endless color wheel where you can choose the shade you just feel for. Another feature of the module is the "shade match", which uses a photo to create a shade that complements the outfit or favorite color of the lipstick, and finally the "shadow stylist", which depends on the "intelligent algorithm" to choose between three shades. It will work best with any outfit Users can also browse the creations and shades of other users along with "real-time trends" from "YSL experts" and other users. . The device appears to be one beneficial make-up product, as it also contains a removable compact that you can take with you for retouching. 

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