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Tintin's Adventures For a
Record $3.2 Million

Lovers of Tintin's adventures, pay attention. A rare painting was auctioned for a record price of $ 3.2 million. Go back to your childhood and remember how this boy affected your adventures. Due to its popularity, a new record in comic art is estimated.
 The designed painting, created by the main creator Herge, has an area of ​​34 square meters (13 inches). It represents Tintin and his affectionate pooch Snowy, who emerges from a porcelain cup in front of a menacing depiction of a Chinese dragon. Tintin's pre-World War II cover or album was originally expected to be "The Blue Lotus", but Herge refused to say it would be too expensive to print because of the choice of colors.

The painting was then dedicated to Jean-
Louis Casterman, who was He was the heir to the publishing house that published the books Tintin. So far, comic art has been in Casterman's secure custody. the most beautiful item on the market in private hands! " We would not discuss it! 

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