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Wally 27 Meters of Innovation
For Your Convenience

Wally, a luxury yacht company, we are used to its unconventional appearance in shipbuilding. Wally comes with a 27-meter WHY200 yacht that offers great solutions that you will want to identify with and get on board. Wally has created a main deck wrap in glass that would give the owner so many lifestyle benefits. The new yacht will make its debut at Ferretti Group Private Preview in Monaco in early September 2021.

Wally's new yacht provides the pioneer equipment for the bow, providing up to 50% more living space than traditional yachts of its length, but without speed concessions to the displacement yacht. The WHY200 is the result of taking advantage of the living space and lifestyle of a 33-meter superyacht and being installed in a 27-meter-long vessel. The result is the exciting new Wally WHY200, the latest motor yacht that comes from a visionary team led by lead designer Luc Bassani is a renowned Monaco brand, along with Ferretti Group's technical department, marine architecture from Laurent Giles NA, and interior design. by A. Vallicelli & C Studio. 

Statistically, guests spend more time on the yachts when they are moored than they are sailing, so a mooring experience without rolling is essential for comfort on board; with a stable beam hull complemented by fin and gyroscopic stabilizers, the WHY200 is equally stable. 

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