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The Sound That Will Stand
You Up - Tidal Audio
Bugatti Royale

From a partnership of two excellent companies came
Tidal Audio Bugatti Royale, a home hi-fi audio system offering Bugatti exclusivity for sound maniacs. Are you a fan of quality sound like speed? If so, the Tidal Audio Bugatti Royale system is a must-have for your home. This Hi-Fi system is the result of a partnership between the two brands, which brings the same luxury exclusivity of Alsace-based hyper sports to the home. Fully customizable - The Bugatti Royale Tidal Audio is actually a range of high-end home audio speakers that is fully customizable (just like Bugatti cars) through a long series of packaging and finishes for customers to choose from.

Available materials are leather, precious metals, polished aluminum, stainless steel, and a range of fabrics, as well as the necessary carbon fibers. Two basic themes are proposed for the
Tidal Audio Bugatti Royale speakers: Monocoque or Duotone, which are offered with flat surfaces or customized by customers, as mentioned above. Obviously, the Bugatti logo is not missing, which is beautifully displayed on a polished and curved stainless steel plate.

At the same time, there is the inscription "Tidal for Bugatti" on the back. It stands out in your home - And if in doubt, the Tidal Audio Bugatti Royale system, thanks to its 144 cm height and 160 kg weight. Each is equipped with four long-range subwoofers and two front subwoofers with aluminum diaphragms, as well as a high-performance diamond tweeter and a high-performance mid-range ceramic transducer that can be upgraded to diamond, and two even more exclusive versions of Tidal Audio Bugatti Royale: Blanc Edition and Noire Edition for The first is completely white, while the second is black with stainless steel elements, which are also black, and their production will be limited to 30 pieces, of which 15 for each edition. 

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