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The Secrets of Longevity
In The New L’Or de
Vie Formulation

If we are talking about a strong source of inspiration for
Parfums Christian Dior, it will definitely be Grape Vines. For more than 30 years, they have been a focal point and play an important role in L’Or de Vie's latest and unique recipe. Thanks to Dior Science's nine years of research and expertise, L’Or de Vie has been enriched with fruit juice from the Bordeaux Château d’Yquem, owned by the LVMH group. This vineyard in Bordeaux benefits from exceptional climatic and geographical conditions, which lead to the declared great commotion. 

The seasonal process is neither easy nor fast; Vine shoots are harvested in early spring when the grapes are bleeding and the maximum juice concentration is reached. Yquem sap is excellent and represents the absolute essence of life, which irrigates the heart of the vine and gives it the strength to wake up again at the end of winter. Drying of the shoots takes at least six months to achieve maximum molecular richness.

Dior Master Formulators performed 17 different purification and extraction steps to double the concentration of Yquem pulp in L’Or de Vie. The new composition, which contains 94% of ingredients of natural origin, has an excellent melting structure and respects the skin and the environment. Yquem sap reveals all its secrets of longevity in the new L’Or de Vie formulation. The mythical line L’Or de Vie by Christian Dior Parfums is inspired by the golden leaves of the Château d’Yquem vine bathing in the sun and is immediately recognizable.

A recent iteration of
L’Or de Vie has exceptional new properties and boasts the strongest antioxidant protection ever used. Yquem soap nourishes and regenerates the skin, leading to a youthful shine and firmness. Every year a new vintage L’Or de Vie La Cure is created, which is presented as a limited edition. La Cure Vintage 2019 has a rare balance that can be attributed to the late harvest of a firm and plump grapes, which include the benefits of exceptional spring and summer weather in the Sauternes region.

With 88% of ingredients of natural origin, the recipe contains the highest concentration of active ingredients
Yquem. The incredibly rich texture hydrates the skin, leaving it slightly satin. In just three months, the skin is more toned and its youthful brightness is restored. Housed in a numbered case made in Dior studios, three luxury bottles with a wax seal are sealed with gold thread and repeat the knot of vine shoots at the foot of the Yquem vineyard. 

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