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The Organic Structure of a Skyscraper
From The Architectural Design Studio
as a New Landmark of New York City

From an archite
ctural point of view, the city of NEW YORK is a city of all kinds of tastes, historical architecture intertwines with modernity. The trend of new visions is to bring a combination of these two worlds, but we are also witnessing uncompromising proposals that are so betrayal that they cannot be overlooked. Turkish designer Hayri Atak from the Architectural design studio has revealed just such a vision that, if realized, will undoubtedly become an unmissable architectural landmark of the city and thus change the skyline of NEW YORK forever.

A skyscraper with paramet
ers of 688 feet and the appearance of an amorphous mass in which the visual nature changes at every angle is truly unmissable."The structure looks organic, almost like formable clay. Its design is inspired by biological concepts such as anatomy and cells, making the building stand out over the otherwise dense rectangular panorama of the city. It is known that this company creates finished structures and has done something equally striking and conceptual of a rotating skyscraper in the shape of a turbine for Dubai.

The plasters revealed twisted tubular structures rolled up inside the towering frame and looked pretty complicated. However,
Hayri Atak's architectural design studio did not disclose what he thinks the construction of the skyscraper would cost. The future will show whether the time and space to realize something so eccentric. 

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