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Louis Vuitton Revived The
Iconic Versions of Their Bags

Building a brand that has a hist
ory is an amazing thing. Thanks to this, the brand can draw on its past and make it something new, fantastic. Louis Vuitton certainly has something to offer and the men were especially lucky this time, as LV has released a new line of XS mini bags, which are so adorable that many of us will not be able to resist them. Their classic Keepall and Steamer handbags are reinterpreted into a lighter and easier portable mini size in spring and summer 2021.

XS versions will show how the classic reappears in the Monogram
Macassar or Distorted Damier collections, which will make your days fashionable and nights dazzling with each necessary wearing. . Damier's motif is renewed, reinforced, and reflected in black-and-white checks inspired by ska, a music movement that originated in Jamaica in the 1950s until it becomes furious in England.

Zoooom and his friends are small animals created by Virgil Abloh and his team and stick to the great creations of LV as adorable accessories that give the high fashion accessory so much character. Cutesy accessories come in a three-dimensional knitted version or as embroidered badges on canvas. In any case, LV knows how to revive its amazing history full of great products. 

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