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The Narke GT95 Electric Jet Ski
is The Perfect Companion
For Fans of Electric Toys

We have something for electrification fans here. We assume that your solar
panels mounted on the roof of your house, which zealously supplies energy to your house, and your Tesla, which you have in the garage, will probably not be inflamed by any automotive novelties that will come. But we have something here that may lift you up from your chairs and make you think about another electric toy. Meet the Narke GT95, an electric jet ski with a design that will remind you of the Cybertruck. The beginnings of this development date back to 2014, when Narke started working on an ecological electric scooter with an electric drive. 

The company launched a first-generation electric vehicle yacht festival in Cannes in 2018 called the Narke GT45, which Narke said sold out almost immediately. Over the last two years, Narke has fine-tuned the electric project and updated it with a number of improvements. The Narke GT95 features a completely new carbon-fiber-reinforced hull design. A powerful electric motor mounted on a jet ski produces 95 horsepower, which is reflected in the name. 

The electric motor draws energy from a 24 kWh battery, which can be quickly charged to full capacity in just 1.5 hours. It takes approximately six hours to charge the battery using a standard household outlet. The battery cell is large enough to have a range of 31 miles, which is quite good for a jet ski. According to Narke, the GT95 has a top speed of 43 mph. The electric water scooter measures 13 feet in length and can accommodate up to three people. The hull design is equipped with deflection technology that makes the ride stable and smooth for operators of almost any skill level. The GT95 also has a customizable 7-inch display that monitors charge level, mileage, port distance, and water temperature. It can also answer incoming calls. The GT95 is available to order now and is priced at $ 47,000.

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