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Phil Knight's $500 Investment
Brought Him Billions Thanks
To a Great Idea billion.

Many brands that surround us belong to our lives. Some affect us more or less. However, there are brands that have made and are making history. What is much more interesting, however, who is behind these brands. One such brand that has certainly influenced many of us is NIKE and its founder
Phil Knight. Phil is almost always in a great mood and is the founder and largest shareholder of the shoe giant Nike. It started at the University of Oregon with his great business idea before he arrived.

Nike created the first shoes in 1964 with its former track coach Bill
Bowerman. If we imagine that the investment was in the beginning from both 500 dollars , it is unbelievable to what extent this phenomenal brand has grown thanks to a great idea and management. Many people probably have no idea that the brand was actually called Blue Ribbon Sports. Today, I am NIKE one of the leading representatives of sports fashion in the world, which sets trends. Today, Nike has more than 1,100 stores worldwide with sales in excess of  44 mld dollars.

That was a crazy 500 dolars return on investment, though? Knight resigned as Nike's Chairman of the Board in 2016 - after 52 years in the company, he definitely needs time to enjoy the best of life. Life brings different paths that we can take. Phil Knight set out on the right track, making him one of the richest people in the world. 

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