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The Line: Vision of
Life Without Cars

Cities of the future. We are witnessing visionaries representing the cities of the future, taking into account the needs of life and the ecology for a given period. Some are from the
science fiction series and probably won't be realized, but some bold projects like the Smack That-artist by the singer and philanthropist Akon could become real. However, there is one project, one vision, that is closer to implementation than we could have imagined with such a project.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman presented the unique project The Line, which will build Saudi Arabia in the Neom region, which connects Saudi Arabia with Jordan and Egypt. The city, designed for a million people, will be 100 miles long, about 170 kilometers. You will not find classic streets here because there will be no cars. People here have to live in specially developed modules surrounded by greenery. Accessibility of everything necessary will be within 5 minutes walk. From one side of the city to the other you can reach within 20 minutes by underground public transport. There will be a metro, an expressway, and a place for supplies underground. Enjoy this vision in which you can soon live.

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