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Giuseppe D'Angelo began his artistic career at a very young age, has participated in many exhibitions and collaborations, including collaboration with artist Vanessa Beecroft New York and painter Mitra Farahani London. He has exhibited his works in Italy, Germany, China, Spain, France, Portugal, and Monaco. Giuseppe D'Angelo is undoubtedly an exceptional artist who, in all his works, shapes the world of possibilities in which each element is a composition full of light, soul, and feelings. We had the honor of interviewing this talented artist, which we brought to you in this article. 

Thank you Giuseppe for taking the time to share your privacy with our readers. We know that you are a globetrotter who exhibits his art all over the world. 

Q: When was the moment that you said to yourself, that this is the way of life I want to take?  

I define myself as a creative in service of art, mine was not a real decision but it was a call to a world that I already possessed within, an evolutionary path marked and defined with the passage of time. As a child, my passion for drawing turned into an obsession, which led me to choose an art school where I learned both discipline and technique. After high school, I realized that creativity and art had to become my life and my work.  

Q: How do you get inspiration to create, who is your muse?  

At the base of my work, there is figuration as a presence present in a space, all my works are bearers of a very clear expressive language, a poetic that is thought and studied. The inspiration comes from a meditative path of thought, where the human being is the stone, in which its magical properties are the protagonist. For me too, the stones and marbles that I use have a strong attraction. I believe that this material is full of energy and my task is to be able to develop these forces in shape. Destroyed and then recomposed marbles like a mosaic, assembled stones that give life to a face to an entity where energy is free to space. Before man was, the stone was.  

First I draw the vision in my head and then I think about the creation, not immediate work like painting, to do this I need to stimulate my thoughts through reading. Art is knowledge, it is the inner form of knowing, which is very different from the logical form. Each artwork has its own reason, its own meaning that arises from the thought as «The seed takes root, the line first goes towards the earth, not to live there but to draw energies from it in order to emerge into the kingdom of light» Paul Klee.  

Q: What does art mean to you?  

The answer is often subjective, intimate, personal, and never univocal, I think it is the voice of conscience, and the form of the expression of freedom. The moment when someone forces you to do something other than your creative thinking means that you have lost your freedom and that is no longer art. Art can arouse positive or negative emotions from the observer but remember they are still emotions.  

Q: How does it feel to exhibit your works around the world that represent the depth of your creativity?  

Exhibiting your works is the moment of gratification after the effort that has been done, of judgment and criticism that make emotions arise. Expressing one's thoughts in plastic forms, making feelings tangible, creating makes me feel free, light, and forget about fatigue. I think that healthy admiration enriches, gratifies one's spirit. To be admired, to receive gratification from others is an authentic need of human nature: and needs are not discussed, ways are sought to satisfy them.  

Q: Has this difficult period in which we now find ourselves also affected your work, and has it affected the direction of your further work in any way? 

I won't deny that this period has somewhat influenced my research and my artistic expression, I felt like I was developing works related to the current situation, works such as: "INRIoIRI" "Italia Rip" and "Sucanofuoco". In the work "INRI or IRI" a destroyed Emperador marble represents Italy but at the same time creates a cross that represents God who died and then rose again. Above you can see the inscription INRI where the N falls and the word IRI remains evident, which up to 2002 represented a public body with industrial political functions, an acronym of Institute for Industrial Reconstruction. From the crisis we are reborn from the rubble and rebuild IRI or INRI, we hope this difficult moment will soon pass.  

The work Italia Rip can be interpreted in different ways. Italy, which is experiencing a moment of crisis, is represented by a destroyed piece of marble with letters that try to mend the cracks and wounds. Italia Rip as "RIPosa" in peace or either Italia Rip as "RIPartenza", I leave the interpretation and the choice to you. The work "Suca no Fuoco", but there aren't many words that you can find within the composition, was created because I believe that all this is an economic war and I do not want it to be, for this reason, the word SUCA, a Sicilian term that over the course of history has changed its etymology, taking on different meanings based on the context it got put in.  

Q: Apart from all the amazing exhibitions that you have organized in different countries, when could we meet your next exhibition and where should it be?  

This is a period in which I am reorganizing my ideas and suspended scheduled exhibitions due to Covid. An exhibition was scheduled for 2021 in Madrid, organized by the Van Gogh Gallery and one in Padua, the city where I live and have a studio.  

Thank you, Giuseppe D'Angelo, it was inspiring to learn more about you. Giuseppe is undoubtedly one of the great talents of the art scene, whose expression of moods through the creation of works deserves our admiration. We are extremely happy that Giuseppe D'Angelo has become part of our exceptional TCHIIN club, which inspires millions of fans.  

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