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Limited-Edition HM9
from The MB&F Brand

MB&F brand that every year comes up with something new exceptional and flashy. It is no different now with their HM9 model. The sapphire crystal case reveals the individual component
s that make up the anatomy of the body. Launched in 2018, the HM9 Flow is based on design concepts from the 1940s Streamline Moderne design school, which features elegant aerodynamic lines. Like the tenth anniversary of the sapphire glass's HM3 FrogX release at the end of 2020, the HM9 fleet is joined by four limited editions of the HM9 model with sapphire glass cases.

If you've been impressed by the previous release of the HM9 made of titanium and red gold, fasten your seat belts to get an even more fluid bubble-shaped sapphire container that detects flashes of color on the engine of the new MB&F HM9
Sapphire Vision engine. Streamlining the Modern Streamline Moderne was popular in the late 1930s and 1940s and was a celebration of the modern engineering age. Streamline Moderne, which features smooth surfaces, curved corners, and horizontal lines to highlight the aerodynamic potential of an object, is often referred to as "art deco in motion".

Many objects of everyday life have been filled with the
Streamline spirit: from clocks and toasters to diners and motels; from ocean-going ships to ports, and from cars, planes, and trains to Greyhound bus terminals.MB&F HM9 Sapphire Vision The HM9 Flow is a tribute to the magnificent aesthetics of this particular moment in design history. main parts: a central tank in the shape of a jet engine, which marks the time bounded by two inverted jet engines, in which double balancing wheels are housed. According to Max Büsser, the founder of MB&F serves an artistic purpose. 

Crystal clear The well-defined profile of the three jet engines on previous HM9 models has changed dramatically by replacing metal with a sapphire crystal. When viewed from above on HM9, you see a more organic and bubble shape. 57 mm x 47 mm x 23 mm has been transformed into a single sapphire crystal entity bordered by either red gold or white gold, or more precisely, the outer transparent hull is made of three sapphire crystals, which are fused into a single unit with virtually invisible seams. a total of five sapphire crystals, the other two are used for the dial and to protect the dial.

Max Büsser describes the challenge of confronting a transparent case for HM9: "When we created the HM9 movement, I was obsessed with trying to develop a sapphire case around it, but all our previous sapphire cases had to be very square and sandwich construction. The sapphire HM9 needed to maintain the sensual curves of the original titanium - after all, it's called FLOW. It took us a better part of 2 ½ years and multiple troubles and scams to get to this incredible result. Iooooo this piece - it's probably our craziest yet beautiful HM. " 

Getting a sapphire crystal to suit the HM9's extraordinary topography was not an easy task. Corundum (sapphire crystal), known as one of the hardest minerals, is practically scratch-resistant, but it is extremely difficult to process into complex three-dimensional shapes. More than 350 hours of careful machining and polishing went into all cases of the HM9-SV model. To ensure the 30m water tightness of the HM9-SV case, the sapphire crystal is sealed with a patented 3D rubber seal, a feature already used in other HM9 models. However, to seal the sapphire crystals with a gold metal frame, a high-tech bonding compound using vacuum and high temperature has been developed internally. The beauty of this sapphire crystal hull is that you can follow the interplay of components from cylinder to balance and from the differential to dial. 

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