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Leni Klum builds On
The Success of Her Mother

Having celebrated parents doesn't mean anything, even if it's a prerequisite for success, you have to be born for one industry. We are talking here about the way to become a model.
Leni Klum got not only a name and a celebrity status from her mother, she got the most important thing in the wreath, namely the natural beauty, to become at least as famous as her famous mother Heidi Klum. 

Sixteen-year-old Leni, after the cover of Vogue Germany magazine, is seen with her mother in the cover story of Hunger Magazine. Leni, photographed by the prominent Rankin, draws attention to monochrome studio images in the style of Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn. During the filming, the blonde star dressed in designs from Moschin, Alex Perry and Redemption and wears a ruffled hairstyle of Wendy Iles with Lindy Hay makeup. Her wide eyes stare intently into the camera and Leni enhances the charm of photography. 

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