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A Unique Culinary Experience
for $ 35,000 from Masa Takayama

Winter in full swing makes itself more or less known. Some of us enjoy the snow outside the windows, others prefer a warmer climate. We think that both camps have something in common and that is a love of culinary experiences. If you belong to the group of those who don't care what they spend on a culinary experience, then you will come to your senses with Michelin chef
Masa Takayama. Masa is the only chef in America to run a three-star Japanese restaurant. He partnered with Caldera House Hotel and Alpine Club to offer culinary experiences for up to 12 people for $ 35,000. 

There are five courses on offer, which consist of dishes such as baked uni and ohmi beef tataki with truffles. This is followed by a long course of sushi full of toro, hirame, scallops and more, followed by dessert. Pairing drinks can include champagne and premium sake, which can be soaked in your food. When booking, you can discuss your preferences so that the master can customize his offer for you and your guests. Each course will be served on handmade pieces designed by Takayama himself. His company Masa Designs will be on display in the hotel's gallery for purchase.

Caldera House, which features just eight suites, was created by Wes Edens, the billionaire co-founder of Fortress Investment Group and co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks. The four 5,000-square-foot suites as well as the four 1,500-square-foot suites each boast full kitchens that give Takayama and his team a place to work. Of course, the master isn’t staying in Jackson Hole all winter. Takayama is going to be there February 5-8 and also returning for one-off bookings through the season. And if you can’t find a date that works, you can always just get Masa’s New York City takeout temaki kit that’s $500 per person.

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