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New Givenchy Spring 2021 Campaign
With New Creative Director
Matthew M. Williams

Becoming a creative director of a prestigious fashion brand like
Givenchy is the dream of many of us. Thanks to his work presenting him, Matthew M. Williams was given the opportunity to become a creative director. And that he has taken his position very responsibly is shown to us in the brand's new campaign for spring-summer 2021. His vision is revealed in a picture of his first commercials, led by the most professional names of current top modeling Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Anok Yai.

Captured by a Heji Shinoma camera in which the models move in a vivid background, which contrasts with the challenge of the new Givenchy season.Williams had a style of casting his own ensembles, including statement bags as well as eye-catching jewelry. Hair and makeup remain pulled down at the shoot to keep the focus on the effective silhouettes of the season. "Fashion for me expresses a point of view where there are formality and informality, construction and comfort. My ethos is that it is a luxury to pour on one's own clothes and not wear them, "says Matthew M. Williams." 

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