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$1.5 Million Is Enough to
Own a Piece of Modern History

Unnecessary money in the account and you do not know what new hobby you will start to pursue. We have a type for you, invest in modern history that has changed the world and moved humanity to a new level. Here's a way to get started. An extraordinary and remarkable piece of modern history has sprung up on eBay, a well-preserved computer built by Apple on the path to global domination. On this page, you can currently buy one of the six Apple-1 computer systems that are still in their original condition. The price tag was set at $ 1.5 million, which is unlikely to be spent by a regular Apple fanatic. On the other hand, this is a unique opportunity, because not only is it the most well-maintained model in the series, it is the only one not currently in the museum. 

While the Macintosh 128K or iMac G3 are Apple's more renowned computers, it's actually a model that kicked things. Introduced in April 1976, it is the first computer designed and manufactured by Steve Wozniak for the company while it was operating from Steve Jobs 'parents' garage in Mountain View, California. The real computer is still in the original KOA Byte Shop wooden case, which helps protect it, and is equipped with a factory keyboard and a Datanetics version D power supply. The period Sony TV-115, a display recommended by Jobs, is also included.

This Apple-1 is just one of 63 well-known servers, of which only six are still operational 44 years later. This specific example, obtained by a reseller in 1978, was verified as an original Apple-1
expert by Corey Cohen in 2019. A certificate of authenticity signed by Achim Baque, curator of the Apple-1 Registry, is also available. This computer is in the register under number 79. It is certainly worth mentioning that the seller will count on the fact that the computer will not be redeemed at its desired price. So let us be surprised what time will show and to whom this jewel will decorate his study. 

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