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The United Kingdom With
Real Features of The Launch of eVTOL

The United Kingdom drew attention when a few days ago, the British government granted Hyundai and Urban AirPort
approval to build the world's first eVTOL hub. The United Kingdom thus sees this sector as key to the future of transport. This facility should start its construction phase this year. Not only will it serve as a port for eVTOL concepts and autonomous delivery drones, but it also demonstrates the full potential of sustainable urban air mobility in the UK and beyond. We are learning more and more about eVTOL, and in recent years developments have advanced by leaps and bounds.

There is still a lack of creating a real project with a full-fledged infrastructure at local and international levels. But with a £ 1.2 million (about $ 1.65 million) grant from British Research and Innovation’s Future Flight Challenge, Hyundai and Urban AirPort will move forward with plans to build a temporary airport in Coventry city center in central England. According to Reuters, live demonstrations will take place at the Air-One hub in November this year to demonstrate how eVTOL can be used for passenger transport, autonomous logistics, and disaster management.

The facility will also take up less space and use resources less than a traditional
heliport or airport, according to a press release. Because there is no runway, Hyundai says its physical footprint will be 60 percent smaller. It will also emit zero carbon emissions and, if necessary, can be operated completely off-grid. The city's airport welcomed the United Kingdom's decision to move pure urban air mobility much closer to reality. "Cars need roads." Trains need rails. Airplanes need airports. eVTOL will need urban airports. More than a hundred years ago, the world's first commercial flight took off to create a modern interconnected world, "said founder Ricky Sandhu. . " The city's airport sees the Coventry hub as the start of a much larger and more ambitious project. The company says it hopes to create another 200 eVTOL port ports over the next five years, both in the UK and abroad. The era of aero taxi is soon beginning. 

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