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Mr. Hunt The Perfect Companion
For Your Daring Missions

In most cases, it is difficult to fulfill the task that lies ahead. When looking at the concept of the new 190-foot superyacht from
Vom Creations, it looks relatively simple. The Slovenian design company accepted this challenge and dealt with it in a truly brilliant way. The company was inspired by the action film classic Mission Impossible. In addition to the overall image of the yacht, which acts as the super-yacht of Ethan Hunt, an unbeatable super spy, he also got his name, Mr.Hunt. Mr.Hunt was originally created for a competition organized by BOAT International. Subsequently, the company decided to move from the concept to a full-fledged vessel worthy of its name. 

The construction of the vessel is designed for mining the high seas thanks to the most modern hydrogen propulsion for clean and efficient movement. Mr. The hunt is also equipped with a set of solar panels on the roof that can power the on-board electronics while you and your friends explore the farthest parts of the world. Onboard, the three-story vessel was designed to offer as much outdoor space as possible. sailors can enjoy ocean views. "The team was mostly inspired by the scenery you can see in the Mission Impossible films, so the most important feature had to be the openness of the yacht to the outside," says the Vom Creations statement.

With a fully stocked bar and one more hot tub, the main deck is equipped with a large expandable stern platform where spy gear can be stored, including two tend
ers and three powerful JetSki, meaning it's easy to access if you need to escape quickly. The interior of the námzatial has not been revealed, will certainly be dominant and showed as the company suggests. The vessel can accommodate a total of 10 guests in five cabins, including one main lounge with direct access to the bow whirlpool and four VIP suites. Guests will have access to a sauna, library, and (There is also space for 11 crew members.) Perfect relaxation before your next mission that you are about to embark on. 

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