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Mechanical Belt Buckle From
Roland Iten That Will Perfectly
Match You and Your Supercar

Combining the uniqueness of personal personalization and personal selected taste, this is the cha
llenge of Roland Iten, who introduced his latest collection of mechanical buckles called the R18 Superdriver and is said to be designed exclusively for supercar owners. As long as the name Roland Iten doesn't tell you anything, he is a pioneer in fine mechanics, famous for creating very precise mechanical luxury items for men. The traditional design of the belt buckle dates back to the 15th century and has not changed much, which is very impractical and requires a lot of adjustments.

The highlight of Roland
Iten's highly technical belt buckles, which are inspired by Swiss luxury mechanical watches, is the complicated fastening system, which can be loosened or tightened with one hand. Thanks to the Superdriver R18, the design of the Iten mechanical buckle has further developed into something even more technical. The new buckle technology works with a completely new sliding wheel system and "is completely self-cleaning without the need for lubrication." A total of four fresh patents have been filed for the innovative new design. Rolex belt buckles are mechanical, costing $ 44,000 sat next to your supercar. 

However, the new special R18 Superdriver is even more special in its design, which can be adapted to the buyer's super sports car. Roland Iten is a well-known automotive enthusiast who has even studied automotive design. An engineering genius has worked with Bugatti in the past to create mechanical belt buckles inspired by the Veyron. However, the R18 Superdriver uses a much more customized approach.

Clients can have the design of their supercar replicated on their Roland
Iten belt buckles. Iten says the first few pieces in this collection have been modified for Bugatti Chiron owners, but the R18 can be adapted for any modern or classic supercar. This is achieved by "giving each R18 SUPERDRIVER a distinctive" face "that can be discreetly incorporated into its hood and grille using baguettes and / or cut diamond diamonds for the headlights." Buyers can even get a buckle that will match the color of their supercar. Price starts at 39,500 Swiss francs (about $ 44,000). 

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