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Deviatel with The Latest
Flagship In a Gold Dress

The love for gold was manifested as much as possible in the new product from
Devialet. When building their brand new all-in-one speaker. Devialet's flagship compact speakers - Phantom I & II - have been introduced and, according to the brand, are doing well in the Devialet mission to "elevate sound to its rightful place in our lives." So we wonder what 22-carat gold is? Boasting ultra-thick Devialet sound, this new generation of speakers is a revolutionary addition to its range.

Called the "reference point for excellent acoustics", the
Devialet Phantom series represents a bold new approach to the brand's established line. According to Devialet, the new Phantom series achieves zero distortion, zero saturation, and zero background noise at every step of the sound reproduction chain. Basically like sound perfection. The Devialet Phantom emits ultra-dense sound with a physical impact and rivals dozens of patented inventions in the field of distorted amplification and sound emission technologies.

Technically two different speakers, the larger Phantom I has an output of 103 dB, while the smaller Phantom II outputs 95 Both Phantom I and II can be purchased at two power levels depending on your setup. Powered by the latest Devialet operating system to connect with Apple AirPlay 2, even the remote has been updated with a screen for an even better user experience no matter where you are. While maintaining its iconic unique design, the Phantom is carefully crafted to reflect both the purity of the Devialet sound and the immense power of its construction. A design that is even more outstanding thanks to the addition of 22-carat gold to the new signature side panels. Available in either matte black, dark chrome, or light chrome, these speakers really shine thanks to the gold exterior. Thanks to the logo of the Paris Opera and the gill gold, which is completed by Ateliers Gohard, it is one effective AF speaker. 

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